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Increase Security and Safety with Electric Gates

11/12/2013 Back To Blog

Safety and security have become major concerns for the majority of homeowners. Many are constantly looking for improvements to their property which can create a safe and secure retreat from potential dangers. This is the primary reason that residential gate installation is on the increase with many choosing models which can be operated by gate remote.


Although in the past many automated models were created from iron, it is now possible to have automated gates made from a number of materials including wood and aluminum. This allows a greater flexibility in designs which can be better suited to the majority of residential property styles.


There is also a greater flexibility of styles which can better accommodate property requirements. Swing models have traditionally been used but they have the limitation of needing a great deal of clearance space to operate and they also cannot perform adequately if the driveway is on a steep incline. Solid sliding gates present a great compromise, since they still add safety and security but can operate well even on steep angles. If space is especially restricted roll up gates can operate with minimal clearance. These developments have allowed gate opener installation to not be restricted to certain types of property and driveway.

Safety and Security Features:

Many of these types of models use security codes to prevent intrusion. There is also the option of installing a camera to further increase security. This allows the opportunity to identify your potential visitors before allowing them access to your property.  There are also very sophisticated models available which can identify vehicles which are automatically allowed access.

Automatic gates present an opportunity to increase the security and safety of your home. They can reduce the real world risk of thieves gaining access to your property which can provide great peace of mind, allowing you to rest, relax and enjoy your home.

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