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If you're puzzled about the advantages of keypads, you'll find your answers here. You'll also find out how to maintain wood gates and how to protect steel ones from elements.

What does the gate opener keypad offer?

It basically offers you security. The gate opener keypad works with special, personal codes allowing easy access in the driveway. You can also program intercom systems to have visibility and direct communication with visitors and this way you can avoid the entrance of strangers. The experts at Gate Repair San Fernando suggest servicing the gate intercom system and the gate opener keypad often to ensure good operation and, thus, greater security.

How can I maintain the wooden gates?

Wooden gates are beautiful and have the advantage of hiding your premises from the public world. Gate Repair San Fernando reminds you that wood is a natural material and, thus, reacts to elements requiring frequent maintenance service. There are excellent coatings that will protect the surface and make it more resistant to extreme temperatures. Wood must also be painted every few years before its painting starts peeling off completely leaving it exposed to elements.

Is it dangerous to install an electric gate?

Electric gates are not risky by themselves, but poor grounding could cause a lot of problems. There should be enough grounding rods and the grounding work itself should be done correctly. Improper grounding can cause an electric shock, which can be dangerous.

How can I protect steel from elements?

The most effective way to ensure that steel won't erode is by choosing zinc plated steel gates to start with. Otherwise, it's best to treat them by sanding the old painting and applying special coats to enhance resistance according to our company in San Fernando.

What guarantees gate safety?

Gate safety is guaranteed with good maintenance service but also with immediate electric gate repair when something is wrong. Broken parts must be replaced at once but our experts suggest that you should also make sure the right sensors are installed and are working at their best.

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