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Important Gate Accessories

11/12/2013 Back To Blog

As an overall, when we are referring to accessories, we are talking about products that are just supplementary and not of great usefulness. Though, when it comes to gate accessories, things are quite different. Not all new gadgets are useful or necessary to all people but most of them are extremely important either for their safety or greater convenience. Manufacturers embody the basic safety features with residential gate openers nowadays but they also work on many different accessories suggesting a modern, easy and safe way of living.

Gate access control

When it comes to access control devices, the newest one is the gate opener keypad. It works with codes, which can be changed easily and as often as you would desire and that's why you can share them with visitors. When these access control devices are combined with even more modern technologies, the results are even better for your security. High tech intercom installation would enable you to control accessibility into your property. Being able to see and communicate verbally with the person at the entry would allow you to choose letting the person in or denying accessibility. Some new intercom systems can be connected with your mobile phone and the gate can open partially or fully when visitors notify you that they have arrived at your home but you are not there.

Gate loop detectors

Loop detectors give you great convenience and can prevent the crashing of the car in case something is wrong with the steel gate. They can detect the presence of the car waiting in front of the gate and they open it without the interference of the gate clicker. You don't have to do anything. You simply wait for the gate to open in order to drive away. At the same time, they can also be installed at both sides of the entrance preventing the gate from closing on a car. 

Gate sensing devices

The installation of sensors is obligatory and extremely significant for your safety. Having a sliding gate safety sensor will actually make you feel more confident about your family's wellbeing. There are different styles and types of sensing devices and they are all great.

• Photo eyes / Beam detectors: when the beam of light is interrupted, they either reverse or stop the mechanism.

• Safety edges: they sense obstruction with pressure of sensitive sensors and reverse or stop the movement.

• Warning devices: bells, signs or lights warn you for dangerous situations.

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